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From the Latin, literally middle of the heavens; the culminating degree of the ecliptic, commonly called Midheaven, abbreviated MC. In an unequal house system the MC, one of the angles of a horoscope, forms the cusp of the tenth house. A great circle, encircling Earth, that passes through the North and South Poles. A line of longitude.


The interpretation of ones Birth chart - the individual horoscope- highlights ones special strengths and talents, as well as ones weaknesses and how one can overcome them. From the Greek planetes, wanderer; used astrologically to describe any heavenly body which when viewed from Earth appears to move, as distinguished from fixed stars. The gradual westward shift about 50" each year of the equinoctial points along the ecliptic due to the ecliptic due to the rotational movement of the poles of Earth's axis. This phenomenon creates an increasing difference in the tropical based upon the ecliptic and the Sun's ingress into the sign Aries and the sidereal zodiacs based upon constellations or about 50" each year.

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The ruling planet of the horoscope is that planet said to "rule" the Ascending sign. But, in a horoscope there can be more than one ruling Planet. But their boorish behavior hides original thoughts and intelligence. They seem trustworthy and that is the main reason why they prosper.

They are cautious and love work and solitude. Fir Tree Celtic tree horoscope. The Fir people are very hardworking and talented, endowed with cool beauty and dignity. They can do any job or solve any problem with their special originality, and most of their efforts will lead to a successful end. These people like to be leaders.

They have courage and inspiration, and they are active and creative. They give priority to individual success and have the ability to use their initiative and determination to succeed.

Sagittarius: Your daily horoscope - October 08

They should devote more time to other people. It is good to praise them. Birthday 6th - Harmony Numerology - Birthday Number. These people need love and warmth of home.

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They do everything to achieve harmony. They seek a partner for the whole life. They are kind, sensitive, considerate, and ingenuous. They love their family and other people. They live ordinary married life.

Full numerology report. Famous people born on October 9th Today. By the end of the month, your batteries will be seriously recharged.

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