February 25 horoscope 2020 virgo

Story from Horoscopes. Are you ready to get comfortable, Virgo? Jupiter will inhabit your fourth house of home and family for almost all of But the planet of luck and expansion won't be alone in making this an advantageous year for your home life — your planet of pleasure, Saturn, is entering your fifth house of entertainment and love, ensuring that heralds harmony in your living space.

How's that for domestic mojo? Venus, your personal planet of finances, is moving at full speed throughout , without a retrograde in sight.

Virgo Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

Her direct motion aside, Venus' activity may make it harder for you to keep your attention on one subject when thinking about your spending and saving. At the end of the year, on December 27th, Jupiter will join Saturn in your fifth house of love and pleasure. Career Mercury, the planetary ruler of your sign and your career zone, goes retrograde three times this year. Mark your calendar for the following periods: March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November Retrogrades are a time to slow down, review, and revise your work. In other words, you might not feel like you're making any real progress during these periods.

That said, they will be a fantastic opportunities to reach out to old friends and coworkers.

Economic Conditions for Virgo Horoscope 2020

You can also return to any missed opportunities and create checklists to improve your productivity. This one will be especially tiring, since it will be activating a very private, sleepy, hidden sector of your chart. Your tarot card is the Hermit, and you'll definitely be craving some alone time right now. Please try to put your needs first and let your partners know what you want—whether that's in bed or regarding the check they're writing you.

Virgo Horoscope 2020

Keep a dream journal by your bed this month; this eclipse will bring you some psychic dreams. Your intuition will be extra sharp, so don't ignore your gut!

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Eclipses always bring new information to light, and some big secrets will definitely be revealed I mean, this eclipse is in Leo, the sign of drama, so expect things to get pretty theatrical! Keep your schedule light.

You'll want to be able to take your time during this busy month. The Leo eclipse will also be a hugely important time for catching up on sleep, and for checking in with your health. Ways you may have been shooting yourself in the foot without realizing it will also become very obvious to you during this transit. Fortunately, this eclipse won't turn the 10th into a total and complete mess: Your ruling planet, Mercury, will make a harmonious connection with lovely Venus on this day as well, which will help you get organized and aid you in smoothing out whatever awkward vibes are in the air.

Mercury—which is currently in genius Air sign Aquarius—makes a bunch of lovely astrological aspects mid-month, which will bolster your spirits. It connects with Mars on February 16, helping you with negotiations or in terms of getting organized, and it connects with Uranus on February 20, bringing you some unexpected assistance.

Mercury also mingles with lucky Jupiter on February 21, creating good vibes around money and security, and it meets supportive Saturn on February 23, which will also help you feel grounded and stable as you work out issues at work or problems regarding your health. Eclipses are always very emotional, but because this one is in weepy Water sign Pisces—the most emo sign in the zodiac—you can expect lots of feelings everywhere. The Sun enters Pisces, the sign opposite you on the zodiac wheel, on February 18, soon followed by Mercury on February The Sun and Mercury in dreamy Water sign Pisces will illuminate the partnerships sector of your chart: exciting!

The first eclipse of the month had you hiding away from the world, but now that the Sun and Mercury are in your opposite sign, you're totally focused on partnering with others—especially since the second eclipse of the month is in Pisces.

Virgo 2020 yearly horoscope

The Pisces eclipse arrives on February 26, and this will be a big one. This is thanks to Mars, the planet of aggression, meeting Uranus, the planet of confusion, on the same day. The vibe will be even more hectic and shocking than what we can usually expect during an eclipse. Eclipses also reveal new information, so expect to get to know someone on a way deeper level. Secrets will be revealed. Issues concerning intimacy will be major, and thanks to that meeting between Mars and Uranus, some unexpected sparks could fly—or an unexpected, uncomfortable clash could occur.

It all depends on context and what's happening in your life, Virgo. Under this eclipse, you're also likely to bring in plenty of new people into your life—and say goodbye to a few friends or lovers, too.