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Indeed, the most basic tenet of esoteric astrology is that space is an entity: we are quite literally the sisters and brothers of all the beings around us, and we truly participate in each other through the principle of harmonic resonance. The birthchart is not a map of the rays, themselves, so much as it is a highly specific guide showing the way into the ray pattern of an individual. Within our essential oneness, each of us expresses an overall pattern or design; but in every lifetime, only a certain portion or aspect of the design is in evidence.

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The portion representing this lifetime -- and the chart with which one is born, as its reflection -- holographically link us with the greater pattern, which is too vast for us to see during this incarnation. Life is a series of initiations within initiations, or progressive expansions of consciousness whose ultimate aim is to reacquaint and reunite us with the grand design at their highest level, the predictive techniques of astrology are intended to reveal one's current orientation relative to that pattern.

The planets, likewise, undertake initiation, and in esoteric astrology the designations "sacred" and "non-sacred" correspond to the level of a planet's evolution. At the present time, Vulcan an etheric, or not-yet-physical planet , Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are considered sacred; Earth, Mars and Pluto are non-sacred planets. Our particular solar system is said to be energized by three stellar configurations: the Great Bear, the Pleiades and the star Sirius.

These energies are "stepped down" through the seven rays, which then pass through the zodiacal signs and "collect" or reach a point of focus in the Sun. The rays are transmitted to us through the planets. No person, nation, kingdom in nature or era is without its correspondences to these seven rays. The rays inaugurate, drive and support the archetypal forms of experience through which we pass in our evolution, and they bear titles that reveal their natures and purposes. Their combinations and relative dominance during any epoch, and shining through every form, weave a tapestry of infinite variety and ordered beauty.

Each sign of the zodiac filters, and each planet embodies, at least one of the seven rays. Very briefly, and only for the purpose of introduction since many volumes have been written on this subject , the energetic potential of each ray is described below. It is prominent in leadership issues. It is concerned with the destruction of forms that have outlived their usefulness, and the creation of more suitable vehicles. Ray I concerns the ability to govern on all levels. It is concerned with study and understanding.

Esoteric astrology planets

It is the ray of our solar system, and it represents the union of the heart with the higher mental centers. Ray II is the ray of love as inclusiveness, which -- when joined with the mind -- leads to wisdom. It is concerned with adaptability, abstract thinking, skill in action, business acumen, planning and strategy. It involves the practical application of theory on any plane. It has to do with the appreciation of beauty and color and the refinement of form.

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  • It seeks the point of balance between all pairs of opposites. Significantly, this is the ray governing the human race. It involves impersonal research and unemotional observation. The driving impulse behind Ray V is the search for knowledge in its purest forms. It is the ray of the devotee, the aspirant and the mystic, and has to do with reverence, loyalty often to the point of fanaticism , dedication and religious fealty sufficiently strong to engage issues of life and death.

    It is a ray of intense personal feeling. It is concerned with group work, organizational power, rhythm, pattern and ritual. It is the ray of the occultist. Ray VII is impersonal, but is nevertheless concerned with ethics and the proper, orderly and skillful performance of tasks and duties. Each ray is an active expression of Spirit.

    Ultimately, all rays are one ray; we might think of each ray as a specialization of the One, or in terms of the colour wheel, which -- from our perspective -- is a frequency spectrum finding its fullest expression in white light. The rays pass through the zodiacal signs on their way to the earth plane via the Sun and planets in the following manner. Ray I filters through Aries, Leo and Capricorn. Ray V filters through Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Odd-numbered rays are often referred to as "Will rays" because they are concerned with the forceful application of the mind in any endeavor; even-numbered rays are frequently called "Love rays" because they are linked with the heart center and express the principle of inclusiveness.

    Like the signs of the zodiac, all rays are of equal value, and each has its most fertile field of application. The planets associated with the signs are also qualified by rays. The soul is the interface between esoteric and hierarchical rulerships.

    Introduction to Esoteric Astrology

    There is plenty of room for organic movement and interrelations within astrology. There are many branches and disciplines of astrology, and this article touches on the two branches known as Esoteric and Classic. The major difference between Esoteric astrology and Classic astrology is the interpretation of how the heavens reflect themselves within and upon human beings.

    To wit: Esoteric astrology addresses the progress of the soul and spiritual evolution. Classic Astrology focuses on the development the personality , identity, and individuality. Classic astrology aka: mundane or esoteric astrology looks closely at the progress of the individual in everyday life, whereas Esoteric astrology observes aspects of the soul like karma, consciousness and life purpose on a grand scale. Esoteric astrology looks at the evolution of the multi-dimensional soul and seeks wisdom from an internal perspective. Of course, these are oversimplified definitions.

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    • As humans, our experiences are vastly diverse. Our external and internal life experiences are intertwined.

      Esoteric astrology planets

      The human personality and soul is also inextricably intertwined. Separating these aspects of the human organism is quite impossible. Therefore, we will find a comingling of meanings in our studies of Esoteric and Classic astrology. The ruling planets differ too. Here is a chart of comparisons to succinctly illustrate major differences between Esoteric astrology and Classic astrology in planetary rulership of each zodiac sign:.

      So which branch of study is best suited for you?

      That depends on the flavor of wisdom you most avidly require for our growth and development. If, for example you seek knowledge to assist you with the evolution of your karma, or more closely understand the multiple layers of your soul purposes — Esoteric astrology is the one to explore. Alternatively, if you seek to know more about yourself, your personality, your quirks and how you can most effectively interact with your environment — Classic astrology will help you with these insights.

      Defining Soul-Centered or Esoteric Astrology

      Exploration of both Esoteric and Classic astrology will win you the best results as both branches are valid. This page is an introductory on what astrology is, and why it is relevant. This page also lists many links to other articles about zodiac signs and astrology. Get more about astrology meaning here. Check out basic meanings to all 12 signs of the zodiac.

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      Also get links to more in-depth personality traits to each zodiac sign. This page offers a ton of information and leads to other astrology meanings. Get more information about zodiac signs and meanings here. Did you know your zodiac sign has a special flower associated with it?