February 9 solar eclipse astrology

Tuesday and Wednesday, be practical. Take care of the details. Clear out the clutter, in your mind and in your closet. Thursday feel the oneness. One world, one wide path -- let yourself slide forward with the momentum of the collective. Friday you can take a little time to bring someone who's been reluctant aboard. Saturday is Valentine's Day. Be a little choosy this year. Not out of judgment, but for consolidation. Sunday examine how you can achieve more balance. Monday, the 16th, is a good day to bring the mind to a point of focus; concentrate on what's important.

Remember that faith is strongest when we are focused steadily on what's truly important. Tuesday brings a charge of enthusiasm and large impulses. Go with that.

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer! July 2, 2019 - astrology and tarot

Wednesday the Sun goes into Pisces. It's an easy day to be considerate and experience some generosity in your thoughts. Explore it; let go of the needs of your self. Thursday we're likely to sense a constraint, some complications.

Solar eclipse of February 5, 2046

Address them head on but thoughtfully. Don't insist on a solution, just look to understand the problem. Stay with that attitude all the way through Friday. Find the power in restraint and watch the situation clarify itself, like trees emerge from a fog as it lifts. Saturday that sense of power will become more refined; the result is confidence. Sunday the idea you've been waiting for arrives, landing lightly, right where it belongs. Welcome it, then put it to use.

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Monday is a day for putting thought into action, but not forcefully, just naturally. And Tuesday, the 24th, brings us the New Moon in Pisces. It's Fat Tuesday. This pose is a standing balance on one leg; head, torso and raised leg are all in one line parallel to the floor. Let the foot of your raised leg touch the wall behind you to help with both extension and balance. You can also support the arms on the seat of a chair placed in front of you. Be in the experience of the Warrior III pose; consolidate your lines of force; clarify the mind; focus forward; release any constriction; feel the vector in this pose and let it raise your confidence.

New Moon 24 February p. Sun and Moon are separating from a sextile to Pluto. Mercury is approaching Mars in Aquarius and both are sextile to Venus in Aries. Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception, and the pair disposit all the planets. The planets form a tight band of energy between Capricorn and Aries, with Saturn standing apart like a discus hurler winding up with his grip on the other nine planets.


These two weeks are loaded with semisextile and quincunx formations, and our collective energy will feel like we're playing an old piano that has a few strings missing and a few badly tuned. Venus, oh Venus. What a glorious goddess and planet that can teach us so much about ourselves, the pleasures in life, how to appreciate beauty and live in opulence, and the way we think about money.

This is a profound experience, for the individual and the collective. On September 22, , at p. Happy eclipse season, soul fam! I hope you are ready to sizzle and blast off this summer, cuz things are gonna really be rocking over the next couple of months. During February, Mercury turns Retrograde in one of the deepest psychological parts of your chart, so this is a good time to start mental health therapy.

At the same time, Mars shifts into your health and everyday work zone, which should bring two things: A boost to your vitality and an increasing urge to work even harder. These energies will give you a chance to reflect on your work and your relationship, and perhaps to start removing things which are causing angst but no reward. A Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in June highlights once again the need to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

During July, the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, neatly symbolizing the tug of war between your desire for peace and quiet versus the tumult in your busy day-to-day life. A Lunar Eclipse in your health zone in July could be another turning point, proving to you that something simply has got to give. August and September are months when you can start again from a more peaceful and stable base; perhaps getting accustomed to new and less stressful routines or necessary health adjustments.

In December, bountiful Jupiter shifts into your love zone, while a Solar Eclipse in your dating zone and the arrival of Venus suggests a much more fun approach to your love life.

The well-meaning Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your love zone in late December also suggests that ends on a romantic high. Your love life gets off to a good start in January, with Venus transiting your relationship and then passion zone, while energetic Mars is in your dating and fun zone.

However, your love life may be overshadowed by high-pressure events in your health or your everyday stress levels. March is a standout month for romance, with the arrival of stabilizing Saturn in your love zone, shortly to be joined by amorous Mars. This is an excellent month for a wedding, engagement or other long-term commitment, although do be aware that Mars can bring anger as well as passion!

Someone you previously considered a friend could reveal they feel something more intense — whether that feeling is mutual is another matter.

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With Mars shifting into your passion zone, impulsive decisions may seem almost irresistible, but they inevitably come with a cost. This may be sharply illustrated by the Lunar Eclipse in your risk zone in June. There, Venus will give you a break from intensity, and will allow you to take a more spiritual view of your relationships, perhaps strengthening a karmic bond. In September, Venus arrives in Leo, and this month should see you at your gregarious and lively best, especially in romance.

In October, the focus shifts slightly away from your love life and toward your family life. Mercury Retrograde occurs in your family zone, so communication within the clan could be tricky at this time — especially between you and your kids, or between you and the older generation. Dig deep to find some tact and patience. Once Venus arrives in your family zone in November, the worst of that episode will have passed.

Romantically, December is the highlight of , Leo, as generous, warm-hearted Jupiter arrives in your love zone. This month also sees a Solar Eclipse in your dating and fun zone, and the arrival of Venus in that area too — so perhaps someone new on the scene sweeps you off your feet.

As mentioned, Leo, the major planetary energies during are focused on your daily working life and the stresses and pressures that may inflict upon your health. With Mars in your risk zone in January and then pushing into your everyday work zone in February, you may start the year with a somewhat cavalier attitude toward all this, despite some potential health-related shocks in January. Venus moves into your career zone in March, so use her astrological energies to try to create less stressful, kinder, more pleasant working conditions for yourself.

Pluto turns Retrograde in your health and work zone in April, as does Jupiter in May. These months are a time to carefully consider your routine and the demands you place on yourself. You have more power than you think in this situation, Leo, and you can negotiate a better solution. The Lunar Eclipse in your risk zone in June, however, warns against taking any kind of risk with money then. During July, the major tensions between your health and your work are revealed yet again, as the Sun makes a series of opposition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, coupled with a Lunar Eclipse in your health zone.

You may fear that cutting back on work will adversely affect your income, but the financial signs remain positive. Indeed, in October, Venus moves into your money zone, which is usually a good sign of increased wealth — and spending to match.

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  5. Late in October, Venus trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio, suggesting that increasing income is linked to decreasing stress, which would certainly be a win-win! As the year draws to a close, watch out for a Solar Eclipse in your risk zone on December Venus moves into your fun zone around this time, suggesting that over-spending could be an issue, Leo. Avoid splashing out more than you can afford or getting caught up in holiday buying madness.

    January begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your social zone, swiftly followed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so it seems that friends may be letting you down as the year begins.